Keep Your Chefs Looking Professional

The traditional white chef’s coat has been used since the mid-19th century as a symbol of cleanliness and a way to keep their street clothes free from dirt, stains, and odors of a kitchen. The chef’s coat is a symbol of honor and professionalism and indicates who is boss in the kitchen. Park City Textiles provides fresh white chef attire clean and pressed, delivered daily, to ensure that your kitchen staff is providing a positive and memorable experience for your restaurant guests.

We Care For the Full Range of Chef Attire

Chef Coats

Professional chef coats are either solid white or solid black. They are double breasted, and can often be reversed if they become dirty. They must be made from a durable material that can stand up to wear and tear, but also be breathable when the kitchen gets hot. Fabrics range from 100% Egyptian cotton, cotton twill, and polyester cotton blends depending in what is most comfortable and best suited for your staff needs.

Chef Pants

Most often chef pants are checkered, but they can also be solid black, grey, or white. Chef pants must hold up to a lot of spills, drips, splatters, and splashes. They need to be durable, long-lasting, cool, and comfortable. We provide clean and pressed chef pants ready to go every day. Our 24-hour turnaround ensures that your chefs are protected and comfortable all night long.

Kitchen Staff

Most other kitchen staff, and some cooks in smaller restaurants use cook shirts that provide a polished, but more casual look for the staff members. Cook shirts can be worn in a variety of colors and should be both durable, affordable, and flattering. To keep your kitchen staff at the top of their game, they should feel comfortable and confident when serving, cooking, and cleaning. Keep the entire crew looking sharp and working hard with clean and pressed kitchen staff shirts provided daily.


Servers, bussers, expos, and kitchen staff should always have plenty of aprons available. Aprons that match the color and style of your linens brings a completed look to your establishment that pulls everything together. When everyone is outfitted with professional, clean, and pressed aprons, it increases the morale of your employees and the appearance of your restaurant. We make sure that image at the front of the house is always at its very best.

If your kitchen staff is hanging up their apron or shirt at the end of the night only to show up tomorrow and put on the same dirty apron and wrinkled shirt when they come back to work, it might be time to call Park City Textiles. Our service provides fresh, clean attire for your entire kitchen staff delivered daily. Make sure you provide only the best for both your employees and your guests by looking clean and professional each time you open the doors.

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