Restaurant & Catering Linen Rental

Running a full-time catering business or restaurant is one of the most demanding jobs on the market. Park City Dry Cleaning & Linen is the partner you have been looking for. We provide the most high-end linen rentals in the industry to create a beautiful setting for your guests. Let us take care of the table, so you can focus on filling the plates.

Linens are one of the largest expenses in your overhead budget. They are constantly being ripped, stained, torn, or lost and when they are gone, it is sometimes difficult to find new linens that match the old ones. This perpetual cycle ends up with a set of mis-matched, partially stained, and offset linens. Over time, this creates a less-than-professional appearance for both your restaurant and catering business.

Freshly cleaned linen rentals from Park City Dry Cleaning & Linen provide everything you need to provide a beautiful presentation to your customers and guests.

Linen Rental Services

Whether you have a restaurant or a catering company, linen rentals help improve your bottom line. Equipping a restaurant with an array of linens is expensive, and providing a range of colors for catering options is nearly impossible. We provide linens for both restaurants and catering, regardless of size or occupancy. We customize our program to fit your needs. Our professional equipment and trained staff cleans, sanitizes, and delivers your linens on schedule to ensure you are ready for your guests on time every time. This makes it easy to order exactly what you need, keep your costs low, and your guests happy.

Linen Cleaning Services

When the dinner rush has left and the party is over, leave the dirty work to Park City Dry Cleaning & Linen. Our linen cleaning services has been recognized as one of the best in the industry because we take care of each customer individually. Utilizing “batch laundry” ensures that each customer’s laundry is completed separately. This means that all of the linens from your establishment are washed, dried, pressed, and folded together. Linens from different customers are never mixed together to ensure that each load is completed to specifications. Bath laundry has been proven to avoid mixed-up loads, and eliminates items getting “lost” in the process.

With over 16,000 loads each day, we understand the importance of prompt service, reliable cleaning, and professional amenities. We provide 24-hour turnaround time for most loads, and deliver your linens directly to your facility.  With state-of-the-art technology to care for a variety of natural and manmade fabrics simultaneously we get you perfection you can depend on.

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