Restaurant Uniform Service

Uniforms can define a business. The bright yellow and blue stripe hats worn by the staff at a hot dog stand at the mall or the iconic orange tank top uniforms of chicken wing restaurants across the country have become iconic uniforms. For better or worse, the clothing the staff wears plays a big role in defining the theme, brand, and ambience of any restaurant.

In addition to protecting and preserving the restaurant image, uniforms should also identify working staff, and provide health and safety measures for employees. A restaurant may have several different uniforms for employees and staff including:

  • Servers                                                                                  Cashier
  • Waiters                                                                                  Chef
  • Bartenders                                                                            Workers
  • Maître                                                                                    Dishwasher
  • Manager                                                                                Kitchen Line Staff

Each employee wearing his or her appropriate uniform makes the company look more organized and presentable. However, uniforms are more than just aesthetics; they also act as protective wear from common kitchen hazards and are a significant investment for restaurant owners. For these reasons, uniform maintenance is essential to providing the comfort, functionality, and protection for all staff members.

Proper Uniform Maintenance

Each uniform should be properly treated and maintained to keep it looking clean and crisp. After a long night of liquid spills, grease, hot oil, and cooking steam it may take more than a simple wash cycle to keep those uniforms looking new.

Park City Textiles provides the most reliable laundry service in the area by ensuring your linens and uniforms be cared for with only the best products in the industry to protect the life of your investment and keep your staff looking great. We provide high quality, commercial-grade batch cleaning services that puts Park City Textiles above other laundry services. Our batch cleaning service ensures we clean each customer’s uniforms separately. This ensures that your batch is cleaned and pressed to your specification and reduces uniform mix-ups and misplaced pieces. We complete each cleaning service within 24 hours, guaranteed. Fresh, clean, and pressed uniforms are delivered daily ready for your staff when they arrive to work.

Uniform Accessories

Today, stylish accessories on uniforms are often used as a way to define the image of a restaurant. This may be a hat, patterned apron, suspenders, ties, silk scarves, vests, or any other colored or patterned accessories that brings style, flair, or mood to the restaurant. Park City Textiles can take care of all restaurant accessories that accompany the typical staff uniform. From silks to hats, we take care of each piece of the uniform so each employee looks complete and presentable with each shift.

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