Hotel Laundry Services

Hotels offer a home away from home for travelers, tourists, business executives, and families. Shortly after guests check in at the front desk and find their rooms. The first impression they get is the linens in the room. Are the pillows clean? Are the towels neat and stain-free? Are the bed sheets pressed and fresh? The status of the hotel linens coincide with the trust and confidence of hundreds of hotel guests. A stained sheet, a dirty towel, or a torn pillowcase can make a drastic difference in the hotel’s reputation. Personal items like robes and blankets are shared between guests, but must feel like new each time they are used. To maintain first-class linen treatment, hotels have two options: In-house laundry, or out-sourced laundry.

In-House vs. Out-Sourced Laundry

In-house laundry service keeps all the linens and laundry needs close to home, but that is where the conveniences end. Creating an in-house laundry department causes additional upkeep, costs, and headache for the hotel and hotel staff.

Expenses: Housing all laundry services in-house is an expensive endeavor. A laundry department requires equipment, hotel space, employee labor, supplies, and upkeep, which all add costs to the overhead handled by the hotel management. We provide exceptional linen laundry service for a fraction of the potential overhead costs.

Employees: The job of cleaning, stain-removal, pressing, folding, and delivering an endless line of hotel linens is a full-time job. Because linens are delicate items with high demand, the employees working with them need to have training and knowledge for treating linens. This requires the hotel to hire, train, and maintain additional staff dedicated to professional laundry services. Let our professionals take care of this for you. Our dedicated staff is professionally trained in various techniques for different fabrics, batches, and linens to ensure your towels, sheets, robes, and pillows are washed and dried effectively. 

Equipment and Space: Professional-grade laundry equipment is both large and expensive. This requires extensive space and resources. Unless the hotel is already equipped with sufficient space and hookups, it is expensive to find space and adequately prepare a space to wash, dry, fold, and press hundreds of loads of linens every day. In addition to equipment, effective cleaning requires professional detergents, stain removal products, and other important laundry supplies. Park City Textiles handles 16,000 loads of laundry each day, we have the machines, space, supplies, and equipment to continually wash, dry, press, and fold load after load.

Because of the expenses, employees, and equipment the best option is to hire a professional laundry service through Park City Textiles. Our services make it easy for hotel managers to provide fresh and clean linens for their housekeeping staff 24 hours a day.

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