Hotel Uniform Service

From the moment, the valet greets your guest and the bellhop opens the front door with a white glove, a hotel uniform defines your hotel. Hotel uniforms can be complicated because of the variety of jobs; each employee should look professional and coordinated, but not identical to another. From the housekeeping staff to the front desk, there are several different types of hotel uniforms that include:

  • Front Desk for men and women
  • Spa Staff
  • Restaurant
  • Maintenance
  • Valet
  • Bellman/Doorman
  • Concierge
  • Housekeeping
  • Catering and banquets
  • Ties, Aprons, and Accessories

Uniform Maintenance & Accessories

Each employee wearing his or her appropriate uniform makes the company look more organized and presentable. However, uniforms are more than just aesthetics; they also act as protective wear from common kitchen hazards and are a significant investment for restaurant owners. For these reasons, uniform maintenance is essential to providing the comfort, functionality, and protection for all staff members.

To keep your staff looking professional and formal, each uniform should be property treated and maintained to keep it looking perfect. In addition, proper uniform maintenance makes a big difference in the confidence and comfort of your staff.

Park City Textiles provides the most popular uniform maintenance services in the area by ensuring your uniforms are cared for with the best products and methods in the industry. We understand the investment you have made and we work hard to protect that investment and keep your staff looking their very best.

Our dry cleaning services are not only excellent quality, but we also use environmentally friendly green methods that put Park City Textiles above other laundry services. Our batch cleaning service ensures we clean each customer’s uniforms separately. This ensures that your batch is cleaned and pressed to your specification and reduces uniform mix-ups and misplaced pieces. We complete each cleaning service within 24 hours, guaranteed. Fresh, clean, and pressed uniforms are delivered daily ready for your staff when they arrive to work.

Uniform Accessories

Uniform accessories are just one of the ways you can show your attention to detail. Unique button covers, dress belts, and service gloves are all unique accessories that put your staff, and your hotel, a step above the rest. They add a unique look and professional touch to your staff that shows your guests that you provide the highest level of service and attention. Accessories set your staff apart from the employees at a competing hotel and add individuality to your establishment. They might just be the one thing your guests remember about your hotel, making them more likely to book another stay in the future.

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