VRBO Linen Rental Service

Whether you are permanently transforming your home into a vacation rental, or your just renting your condominium out in the off-season, preparing for short-term guests can be an undertaking. Park City Dry Cleaning makes equipping your vacation rental a little bit easier.

The average hotel room is usually equipped with between four and six complete sets of towels. These may be changed every day upon request. For a four-night stay, that can add up to 24 sets of towels. That does not include the sheets, pillows, and blankets. Equipping your rental with adequate linens is an extreme investment in time, money, and space. Over time, linens become dingy and overused and must be replaced, creating a perpetual problem.

Park City Dry Cleaning provides all the necessary linens to outfit through a VRBO Linen Rental Service. The Linen Rental Service provides homeowners with everything they need to provide clean, fresh, new towels to their houseguests for each visit. Towels and linens can be cleaned, laundered, and replaced as needed through Park City Dry Cleaning Housekeeping services.

VRBO Linens We Rent

Linens for Rent

We provide linens for any rental, regardless of size or occupancy. Whether you have a condominium fit for two or a cabin to sleep 14, our linen rental program is customized to fit your needs and your linens. Our professional equipment and trained staff cleans, sanitizes, and delivers your linens on schedule to ensure your rental is prepped for each guest.

Fine Linen Rental

If you’re looking to transform your current condo into a more luxurious getaway, fine linen rentals are provided to provide an upscale addition to your home. Fine linens include luxurious bed linens including soft and comfortable pillowcases, blankets, and additional bedding for pull-out or rollaway beds. Fine linen rentals can also be used as a backup option so your guests can change the sheets if and when necessary during their stay.

Terry Cloth Rentals

In order to ensure your VRBO has sufficient towel supplies, terry cloth rentals are available to add extra sets of towels to each bathroom, depending on your needs. If you have an extra large group booking your home, or if you just want to be sure you can keep up with demand, experts recommend always keeping at least a few extra sets of towels on hand. Terry cloth rentals keep your guests comfortable while keeping your expenses minimal.

Batch Laundry

Park City Dry Cleaning is one of the premiere laundry services on the Wasatch Back because we take care of each customer individually and do not mix loads. Each customer’s laundry is completed independently and separately from another. This method, referred to as batch laundry, ensures that your laundry is completed to your specification, avoids mixed-up loads, and virtually eliminates items getting “lost” in the process. We pick up your items together, wash your items together, and deliver them back to your front door together.

Stepping into the VRBO industry can be a big investment. If you have several overnight guests, they may need up to a dozen towels, several sheets, kitchen linens, blankets, robes, and more. If you do not want to invest in stocking your vacation rentals with superfluous linens, take advantage of the ease and confidence that comes with Park City Dry Cleaning Linen Rental Services.

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